Not just ready-made off the shelf – our custom-made versions

Transformer housing - our custom-made versions

This is our speciality: custom-made versions of transformer housings. Based on our many years of industry experience, we work with you to develop just the solution you are looking for. Our overriding aim is to find a quick solution for you – ideally straight away over the telephone.

And this is how it works:

  • You provide us with the necessary general parameters (size, weight, type of protection, intended use and installation site as well as power dissipation).
  • On the basis of our know-how and extensive archive of images and designs, we immediately provide you with suggested designs.
  • Following a short coordination process, we start producing your custom-made product.

Just give us a call and explain to us what it is that you require: In many cases, we can come up with an approach to solving the problem in the very first phone call. Working in close collaboration with you, our specialists will devise the optimum solution.

custom-made versions:

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